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An edible laxative gel, Lax-A-Pet will assist in the digestive relief your pet needs.

Add Lax-A-Pet to food or simply offer some to them on your hand. You’ll notice their stools will become significantly softened if used twice a week.

Only use as directed, consult your vet if you are unsure that this product is right for your pet.

Troy Laxapet 100g is a specific lubricant for the digestive tract in cats and dogs. Troy Laxapet 100g is an oily paste which helps maintain a healthy digestive tract, for animals that are constipated. Troy Laxapet 100g is also a fantastic aid in removing hair build-up within cats, dogs and rabbits. Routine use is recommended for long-haired breeds of cats like Persian and for cats kept indoors and therefore without access to coarse fibres like grass to remove the hairball build-up to induce vomiting and thus naturally expel obstructions.